Asynchronous Playback, 2018

Interactive Video Installation using Arduino & p5.js

Asynchronous Playback is an art installation that reflects the viewer’s posture through constantly altering video playback. The viewer is invited to step on a mat that activates the start of a video. The mat detects the distribution of weight between the viewer’s left and right side as they watch the video.

Body Position as a Controller.

As the viewer settles into one side of their body while viewing, the right and left hand side of the video fall of out sync. The side that detects higher force speeds up the corresponding side of the video. If the viewer shifts their weight to the opposite side the other side of the video will speed up and the first will return to standard speed. If either side does not detect weight, that side of the video will not play. If one side detects weight, which the other does not, the video playback will speed up to twice as fast.

The piece requires user interaction for the video to continue forward which makes it a collaborative performance. In collaboration, viewers have to together take their turn to step on the mat to progress the video forward, and as well to sync up the two screens.

This work also comments on the experience of viewing video art; viewers are never given what time the video starts, how long the video is, or what part of the video they are entering in. Asynchronous Playback can create a new way to experience video art.

Parts Overview

Parts list overall:

  • Proto-board
  • Female headers
  • Flex, Force, & Load Sensor x 2
  • 9k Ohms Resistor x 2
  • Arduino Micro
  • Wire
  • Microfoam
  • Paper
  • Tape
  • Plastic floor covering
  • Felt

Assembly Process

Using Format