2019, cardboard, DIY tilt sensor, PubNub, Adafruit Feather 8266, JS


Sidewalks is a prototype exploration of creating a networked "un-sidewalk". 

Rather than a sidewalk that is flat, stable, uniformly tiled, and acts as a surface of transportation these reimagined modular sculptures invoke instability and movement.

This project aims to create an experience that is both shared andindividualized by combining physical and virtual spheres. 

Participants in the active space of the sculptures are invited to interact with the pieces by gently rocking them. 

The close placement, with sculptures nearly touching, causes the tiles to create a wave of movement as one is rocked. 

When the tiles are rocked, they send a signal to a web application which plays a sound of concrete rolling on the ground. 

Participants can also simultaneously interact virtually by listening to the responses of the associated web application. 

Interactions with the web application are not restricted to the individuals interacting with the pieces, anyone can to access the web application if they desire, creating a multiplicity of interactions.

DIY Tilt Sensor

The Sidewalks use a DIY tilt sensor made out of metal beads, conductive thread, and tin foil. These are connected and read as button inputs. 

This is a rough demo of the tilt sensor in action. 

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