Compact Tones, 2019

An exploration in using the galvanic skin response

Compact Tones is a compact mirror that responds to the user’s stress levels. The mirror gently hums when left alone and is activated by being held by the user’s touch. The mirror responds to the moisture on the user’s palms and correlates this to the tone emitting tone. The tone changes every five seconds unless the user is in extreme duress. If this is the case, then the tone will repeatedly alter until placed down. This device gives space and reflection through audio to bring attention and presence to the act of gazing at oneself in a mirror for an extended period

Documentation of testing the Compact Tones.


My first step was to test out the technique myself. I took two pieces of aluminum foil and taped them around my fingers to see if I could get a measure. I found at first that I was not getting a drastic change in numbers, but the more I tried I noticed my readings were increasing. This was an interesting experience as I was visually seeing the change through the readings as I was constructing the piece.

Visualizing the layout

My next step was to visualize how the aluminum foil would be placed on the mirror. As I needed two detached pieces of aluminum I decided to place the foil on either side of the packet. For the speaker, I decided to place it on the bottom of the compact so that the emitting tones would not be as blaring.


After testing and sketching, I started to assemble my piece together. I cut out two pieces of aluminum foil roughly the size of each side of the compact mirror. I used electrical tape the secure the pieces down. I left two slots open on either side to allow for the alligator clips to clip into easily.

Assembly of compact mirror

Using Format